The official line-up for the Chilliwack Independent Film Festival 2017:

Saturday 18th November

Opening Feature
Sunlight over Water (15m)
Empty Space (75m)

Q & A – James Choi (Director – Empty Space) & Ethan Lammie (DP – Sunlight Over Water) Sean Brennan (AD – Sunlight Over Water)

Canada Shorts
Edit > Undo (17m)
Violet and June (6m)
The Talk (12m)
Bombing (13m)
Lost (12m)
The Beautifully Drowned (24m)

Q & A – Michael Chen (Director – Lost), Gloria Mercer (Director – Bombing) & Penelope Good (Actress – Bombing)

Stories From Around The World
Nowhere (30m)
Second Chance on the Caprock (13m)
Themes For Dying Earth (10m)
Andy Wooff’s Birthday (7m)
Shishok (32m)

Q & A – Taras Demian Groves (Director – Nowhere), Casey Kowalchuk (Director – Themes For Dying Earth).

Weird & Wonderful Shorts
Blastercore (11m)
Hope (10m)
ninetofive (17m)
Edge (10m)
Breeze in the Storm (14m)
The Tinwife (27m)

Q & A – Josh Havelka (Director – Breeze in the Storm), Cory Tremblay – (Director of Photography – Breeze in the Storm).

Sunday 19th November

Feature Documentary
In The Blink of an Eye – (17m)

Shiners – (78m)

Q & A – Janalee Budge (Director – In The Blink of an Eye)

Final Shorts
Iridescence – (9m)
Unravel – (11m)
Human Nature – (4m)
Bout – (10m)
Let Us End With It Too – (15m)
Sideways – (4m)
Graffiti – (30m)

Q & A – Kent Donguines (Producer – Iridescence) Max Beauchamp (Director – Iridescence), Evan Luchkow (Director – Unravel), Shane Brar (Director – Bout), Caisha Lea Thompson (Director – Let It End With Us Too).

Closing Feature
Raw* – (97m)

Q & A – David I. Strasser (Director)

The festival will take place on Saturday the 18th and Sunday the 19th of November at the wonderful Cottonwood Cinema on Luckackuk.  www.cottonwood4cinemas.ca